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Happy Turkey Day!

November 24th, 2012 lmbutt16

The last few weeks have flown by!  College seems to go so fast, I can’t believe we’ve already picked classes for our second semester.  The registration process is often compared to the Hunger Games, which is extremely amusing, and slightly accurate.  You have to be ready to hit the enroll button the minute the clock strikes the time.  Everyone wants their choice classes!  It’s the only time I’ve seen so many people up at 6am!  (Not that I’m ever up at 6am to see people…)  I’ve been lucky, or maybe the internet is on my side, and both enrollment periods I’ve gotten all of the classes I wanted.  Next semester, I’ll be taking biology (the non-major class, designed for students who aren’t planning on majoring in bio or the pre-med track, but who need a science requirement, or maybe just want to take one course in the subject), as well as Fundamentals of Music, Intro to Psychology, and my Montserrat, section two.  It will be such a different set of coursework than it has been this semester, but I’m looking forward to it immensely.

Cheerleading has moved into basketball season.  We cheer at both men’s and women’s basketball, so it’s a crazy, busy time, and so much fun.  Two weeks ago, we had games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday!  Plenty of students and parents came out to support the athletes.  In cheerleading practice, I’m being taught how to fly!  (The flyer is the one that goes up in the air in stunts.)  It’s pretty strange to adjust to at first, being lifted into the air, and knowing all eyes are on you, but it’s such a great feeling being up there.  There’s so much teamwork that goes into cheer stunts, it’s a lot harder and takes much more organization than I realized until I became a part of it.

I also went to my first horse show!  I met the van at Hogan at 6am, and off we went to Rhode Island, where Rhode Island and Brown were hosting the show.  I was pretty nervous at first, never having done this before and riding a horse I was meeting for the first time, but the horse I rode was perfect for the jumping, and the pony I rode for the flat equitation helped me win fourth place!

Once we get back to school, it’s only a few weeks before finals, and then Christmas and Winter break!



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