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December 10th, 2012 lmbutt16

Finals week has arrived, oh me oh my!  And oh my goodness is it crazy!  Dinand is packed with students working as hard as they can to fill their brains with last minute knowledge.  I was pretty lucky this semester, and I only have two finals, and one final essay.  The finals are even spaced out pretty nicely, so I’ll have plenty of time to switch my brain over from French mode to Philosophy mode.  The only downside is that my last final is Friday, so I don’t get to go home until then, but I’ll probably need all of the time this week to study, so it’s not all that bad.

I can’t believe how fast first semester has flown by.  It’s weird to think that I won’t be taking the same classes when I come back in January, that I’m entirely done with the classes I just took.  It’s so different from in High School, when you take the same classes every day of the week for a year, and often you carry on with the same subject and even the same teacher sometimes the year following.  As much as I liked all of my teachers this semester, I have no idea if I’ll have any of them in the future, though I’d certainly hope so!  I’m really looking forward to next semester though!  It’s a completely different set of classes.  I’m still working on completing my general requirements, obviously, and all of my classes next semester help with that, but I’m also really interested in them.  That’s one of the things I like so much about college, and Holy Cross in particular.  You have plenty of class choices, so getting your requirements done isn’t a chore.  There’s really something for everyone, in every area.

I’m torn between which class I’m most excited about for next semester.  I think it’s between my Fundamentals of Music class and my non-major Biology.  I’ve played piano since I was four, but it’s been a few years since I’ve taken lessons.  In high school, I was in marching band all four years, and choir for two.  I really miss that style of music and learning about it, so I’m looking forward to Music class a lot.  It’s also been quite a while since I’ve taken a class on music, as opposed to performance music, so I’m excited about that too.  Biology is something like the opposite.  I took Honors biology in 9th grade, and AP/IB biology in 11th grade.  It’s actually never been my best subject, and amusingly I promise myself I’ll never take biology again every time I finish it, but I’ve been really inspired by college and the teaching/learning style, and I’m determined to conquer biology!  I like the subject a lot, it just doesn’t seem to stick too well in my head.  Maybe third time will be the charm?

I have to get back to my essay writing and textbook studying, so wish me luck, and happy holidays!



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