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January 3rd, 2013 lmbutt16

It’s really great to be home for a month, and rest up for the Spring Semester!  I’ve been sleeping a lot, making up for lost rest from finals week.  Christmas was wonderful!  My best friend, who lives in New Jersey, and her mom and sister, came to stay with my family for a few days.  She and I were adopted from the same orphanage in Shanghai, China, so I’ve known her all my life, and they’re like family.  She goes to the College of New Jersey.

Tonight, one of my Holy Cross friends is taking a train to come stay with me.  She flew in from North Carolina last Saturday and stayed with other friends in NYC, and then she’ll be here for a few days before flying back home.  I was nervous, before coming to college, about how easy it would be to make friends.  I was the only person out of a 502 person High School class to choose Holy Cross, so I knew exactly 0 people.  But I got really lucky and found a group pretty fast, and we’ve stuck together quite well ever since.  We all just have the same sort of humor, even though our majors and interests are totally different.

I’ve started thinking about summer jobs and internships.  I know it seems really early, considering New Years just passed, but companies and employers take these things pretty seriously, and jobs go especially fast in this economy.  By the time I get back in May, it may be too late to get the type of internship or job I want, if any jobs at all!  So I’m starting to look now.  What I’d really love to do is intern with a publishing agency, preferably in NYC.  I’ve always wanted to go into some profession dealing with literature or writing of some kind, and I’m hoping an English major will help me explore those options and interests more.  I’m not really interested in education, though.  I’d like to be an editor, perhaps, or maybe a publishing agent.  And of course, I want to continue to write on the side and eventually be published myself.

I hope you’ve had a good start to the new year!  May 2013 be a good one!



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