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February 12th, 2013 lmbutt16

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written! Things have been crazy, getting back into the swing of things and then bring hit by the blizzard! I had all classes cancelled last Friday, so I got to sleep in and watch the snow pile up (and keep piling and piling and piling…)  Some people had sleds and went sliding down the hill next to Wheeler! It was crazy to see.

Classes have been really great.  I love all of my selections for this semester.  I’ve been curious about psychology for a while now, and on the first day of class, I learned about different areas of psychology, such as social psychology, that I had never heard of or considered before.  My teacher is so enthusiastic and engaging.  Environmental biology is…well a lot more environmental than I was expecting, which probably sounds silly, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.  We talk about how the environment is being effected, what some of the problems are, and how the ecosystem works as a whole.  Part of the class requires me to keep more up to date with current environmental issues and events, and it’s making me much more aware of everything going on around me and in the world to which I was ignorant before.

I’m enjoying my fundamentals of music class a lot because here’s a secret: I’ve been playing piano since I was four. Because of that, I do things like reading music or playing scales automatically.  The class forces me to slow down and think about the process of what I’m doing. It’s also fascinating for me to see others learning things that it feels like I’ve known all my life.  My teacher has been very accommodating. In piano practice sessions, he’ll help me with music on my level, so that I’m constantly making progress and learning just like the rest of the class and people with no experience. I value the perspective I’m taking from that class a lot.

Cheerleading has been busy, what with being part of basketball season and all, but it’s been fun all the way through. I really love everyone on the team. We have such diverse interests and hopes for the future, it’s never boring.  Unfortunately with equestrian team, I’ve been busy during the van certification classes and so can’t drive out to the barn yet, but I don’t mind, considering I was adjusting to the new semester.

A friend from UMass Amherst is coming to visit next weekend.  Then before we know it, we’ll be going home for Spring break! I can’t wait to see my family and cats, and the few other friends that will be home.

Hope you’ve gotten the chance to frolic and enjoy the snow!



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