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September 19th, 2013 lmbutt16

Hey everyone! Year two is in full swing, and it’s been even better than last year. Hopefully, some of you that were reading last year are now on campus with me.

My classes this semester are Ballet 1-2, Intro to Sociology, Masterpieces of British Literature, and Intro to Creative Writing: Narrative. Predictably, I like my English classes best (still haven’t declared the major, but that’s just because I’m being lazy about it). I’m really excited to finally have a course that applies directly into what I want to do, which is creative writing. The topic of my British Lit class is “Unreal places”, which has been pretty interesting (so far we’ve read Utopia, by Thomas More, and As You Like It, by Shakespeare). Ballet is so different from all of my classes, obviously. We dance once a week and study ballet history on the other class day. It gives me a different way to concentrate and train myself to be precise and structured, in all of my work. I’d never learned anything about sociology before, so finally getting to know a little bit about it has also been interesting.

I’m still horseback riding, and plan on showing later in the year (once football season is over!) I trained three times a week over the summer, and I’m excited to see how that will show in my riding on the team and in shows this season. For Cheerleading, we got a few new girls, new uniforms, and new cheers. Our captains are really enthusiastic and have a lot of ideas for this year.

I will admit, moving in took me about two and a half days (I moved in early for cheer, so I had the dorm almost all to myself). I couldn’t leave anything home! My room is really comfortable this year (it’s a little bigger than last year), and I’m near most of my friends, since I’m now on Easy street, instead of in Wheeler (although that was nice in it’s own way, too.)

I’ll keep you guys updated, and hope you have a good kick-off to the year, too!


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