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Is it October already?

October 4th, 2013 lmbutt16

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s October.  It feels like I’ve only been here two weeks, yet somehow I find myself with two midterm papers and a short story due.  Can the semester be halfway through already?!

Classes continue to be great.  I’m really comfortable with taking two English courses at once (it is my major, after all), and they’re so different, it doesn’t get boring or wearing.  For Masterpieces of British Literature, I had a presentation today (just four minutes, not too bad) on what my midterm paper would be about, and then the class gave feedback that would help me write my essay.  I’m going to write it on The Tyger by William Blake, with the claim that “though Blake questions the origin of the tiger, whether it be heaven or hell, he does not truly want the answer.”  In my Creative Writing class, we had our first short stories due yesterday (Thursday).  The requirement was 5-7 pages, which seemed like a lot of space to fill going in beforehand, given that every word has to be something you create.  In a way, it’s harder than writing an essay on a topic in History or a Science.  At the same time, it’s so much easier, because it’s all you.  Once I got started, seven pages didn’t seem like enough.  I find that if I hit a story I really like, it just writes itself, like I’m watching it unfold before me, and that’s one of the best and most exciting feelings.

The one downside to being on theIMG-20131001-01285 Cheer team, Equestrian team, and in Ballet class all at the same time is that they sometimes contradict each other, physically.  Where you need to be flexible for cheer, you need to be strong and tight for horseback riding.  Then compared to that, Ballet is so structured and precise, but meant to look graceful and easy, which contrasts the sharpness of cheer and the flow of horseback riding.  My muscles are confused, but I think it’s good for them, overall.  (To the left is Lacey, the pony I ride most often.  She’s small, and currently really fluffy.  She’s also kind of sassy, which makes for an interesting ride, and also happens to be really good for my training.)


It’s homecoming weekend!  That means there will be a pep rally later today, tailgating tomorrow before the game (we’re playing Harvard *gulp*), and celebrations afterwards.  A lot of alumni will be here, which is always really nice to see.  Our cheer captains from last year might be stopping by!


I’ll let you know how homecoming goes.  Be back soon!




2 Responses to “Is it October already?”

  1. Semangat says:

    Yes October has come and time past so fast without we realize it. Good luck for your Presentation and just enjoy it.
    May i know where is the located that the horse n your picture?
    The horse looks like so healthy and enjoy the farm so much. i like all about horse and maybe you can share more picture about horse again here. Thanks

  2. lmbutt16 says:

    Thank you!

    That’s my favorite pony, Lacey. She’s at Woodgate Farm, in West Boylston, where our equestrian team rides.

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