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October 26th, 2013 lmbutt16

1378571_10151717922716623_20130367_n  Hey guys!  This is a photo of the cheer team from the pep rally.  We went home on fall break two weeks ago and have been back since Sunday (or for some of us, Friday).  Cheer has gotten pretty busy with games every weekend.  The games get more and more exciting, particularly this year, because there have been so many close calls.

Today kick’s off Family Weekend, where parents and siblings and grand-parents flock to the campus with enthusiasm.  Our football team is playing Lafayette tomorrow (it would be a nice weekend to win, since so many people will be here).  There’s also a Casino night, and various arts programs and dance teams performing throughout the weekend.  There are so many people on campus.  It’s nice to see the campus so full, and also really easy to escape for a quiet moment with so much commotion.

Classes continue to go on well.  I’m pretty happy with my grades this semester.  What my advisor and I talked about was the idea of going to class and doing the assignments in a very segmented way.  Instead of focusing on making grades and my overall percentage in the class, I’m trying to see each assignment and class as standing on its own.  It makes everything a lot more interesting and enjoyable to learn, and takes some of the pressure off.  On another academic note, next semester is approaching fast, and it’s time to fill my virtual backpack with potential classes for next semester.  I have about 20 English course options in there, along with some others I need for common requirements.  I realized I have to start planning out my major, so I looked up the requirements and worked out what classes I could take and what classes I really have to take as soon as possible.

Next weekend, I’m going to my first horse show of the year!  I’m kind of nervous, but I’m always like that before anything performance-related.  I think it’s either in Rhode Island or New Hampshire (there’s two shows this month that I’m considering, and I’m not sure which is which.)

It’s started to get really cold, or rather, it’s decided to get really cold all at once.  It’s time to break out the peacoats, scarves, gloves, and boots.  I like this weather, when I remember that it’s going to be cold out before leaving my dorm in the morning.

Stay warm, talk to you guys soon!




P.S.  NaNoWriMo starts in 6 days! *flail*

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