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The Holidays Approaching

November 6th, 2013 lmbutt16

halloween 1313 halloween 131313Hi again, everyone!

Happy (slightly delayed) Halloween!  When you’re in college, Halloween tends to stretch for a minimum of two days, usually four.  Since it was a Thursday this year, Halloween began on Wednesday, and ended sometime in the early morning on Sunday.  That’s a lot of pressure to come up with good costumes, four days in a row.  This year there were a lot of cats and bunnies, quite a few Miley Cyrus impressions, and a weirdly large number of Despicable Me Minions.  (The photo on the left was Thursday night, the photo on the right was Saturday night.)


I didn’t do much celebrating on Friday because I had a horse show on Saturday.  I was a little nervous since I’d only ridden once in a month, due to break and too many assignments.  But, for the third time in a row, I got lucky and drew really good horses for my two classes.  The only “problem” was that they were huge!  The horses I rode were 16.1 and 16.2 hands, and I’m used to riding ponies in lessons that are at most 14.2 hands.  (For non-horse people, that’s a difference of about 8 inches in height).  I hadn’t ridden an actual horse since the last show I went to, months ago!  Because of that, I was a little thrown off by how big their strides were, which made me a little confused about jumping.  Still, I was more worried about making sure I treated the horse as best as possible despite my confusion, and was happy that I placed at all (I got 5th in Novice Over Fences, and 3rd in Novice on the Flat).  The weather was really nice and the property was beautiful.  Overall, it was a really good day.


Enrollment for next semester is approaching fast.  I think I have my courses worked out as far as what I want to take and what I need to take.  I’ll meet with my Academic Advisor later today to double check and make sure my plan is alright.  I finally printed out the forms and got them signed, so now I am officially an English Major/Creative Writing Concentration.  This should help me get into some of the English classes I’m looking into, especially the higher level ones, which tend to have seats reserved for majors.


I can’t believe how fast Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, is approaching.  This year continues to fly by.  I hope you’ve all been well and enjoy the last few weeks before the holiday rush!




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