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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2013 lmbutt16

Hey everyone, happy beginning-of-the-holidays!  You can just feel them setting in, it’s fantastic.

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote.  (Sorry!  Things got a little busy!)  I arrived home for Thanksgiving break about an hour ago, and I’m glad for the break (mostly because I wanted to see my cats [I have 5]) but I’m also glad it’s only 5 days because the semester is coming to a close and I feel sort of like I’m on a roll.  I want to get back to campus to finish up strong, and then kick back into the Christmas season.

Football season is now over.  Although we didn’t get to do much celebrating at home games, our team performed pretty well this year, so we’re hopeful about next year.  Basketball has gone excellently so far.  We traveled to TD Garden in Boston for a men’s game against Harvard.  Although we didn’t win, it was really fun to be there and to get to travel with the Cheer team.  Back home, the women have won both games that we cheered at, and the men one game at 122-118, in triple overtime.  I think I’m finally catching on to how sports work (it’s about time.)  In horseback riding lessons, my trainer has been letting me ride my favorite pony every week again.  That might not be the best for when I get put on horses at horse shows (Lacey is pretty small) but I feel like I’m improving confidence-wise on her and that’s always been one of my bigger issues with riding, so I’m hoping it will be good overall.

We had course selection, and things went pretty well.  I got 3/4 of the classes that I went for, and the fourth only had one seat left when I went into enrollment (which, amusingly, my friend, who was enrolling in the same room, got).  I’ll be taking French 301 (pray for me), Medieval Readings, Renaissance Readings, and Theological Perspectives on Medical Ethics.  This will cover my language requirement, my religion requirement, and both my readings requirement and my pre-18th-century requirement for my English major.  I’m looking forward to the English, as always, a little nervous for French (a lot of studying will have to be done over Winter break), and intrigued by Medical Ethics.

Time to start thinking about Christmas presents.  Enjoy the turkey (or if you’re a vegetarian like me, find some pie)!



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