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Wow, that’s a lot of snow…

January 4th, 2014 lmbutt16

Hey guys!

Break is in full swing, and my friends still can’t believe how long our break is compared to other schools.  I can’t really either, actually, but at the same time I feel like it’s almost over, mostly because of how it was broken up.  There was a little over one week until Christmas, which just felt like waiting for that, and then visiting friends about one week later, which made that week fly by.  Now I’m home again, and taking off for Florida in one week.  By the time I get back, there will only be one day in between landing and loading the car for Spring Semester.

logan puppyChristmas was pretty quiet for my family, which is normal for us, so it was nice.  We went to one of my oldest friends’ houses for Christmas dinner (oldest meaning I’ve known her the longest, not age oldest) with her family and a few other friends.  It was very warm and happy and nice.   A few days later, my even-further-back-oldest friend, Maura, came to visit, with her sister Katie.  (I actually “met” Maura at the orphanage we were both adopted from in China, fun fact.  Our parents became friends and sort of traveled together and we’ve kept in touch and been close since).  We went ice skating (I got new skates for Christmas that I’m trying to break in) and then more people came over for dinner.

The next day I drove from Long Island to Poughkeepsie (in the rain) to visit my boyfriend, Matt.  I stayed for almost a whole week (the blizzard kind of caught me there a bit).  We went ice skating and saw American Hustle and made bagels, and I met a bunch of his friends, including for New Years Eve, which was kind of exciting for me since I don’t usually do much for New Years Eve.  I got to hug a lot of people I don’t know and play with some sparklers which was pretty exciting.  It was overall just a really, really nice week (his mom is a really good cook) and he has a corgi, which everyone who knows the internet loves.

Then next Saturday I’m flying to Orlando with my mom to visit Disney, Universal, Discovery Cove (I’m finally swimming with dolphins) etc, and Matt is flying in on Sunday to join us.  I’m really excited to be in 80 degree weather, instead of the seven degree weather here, and the negative three degree weather in Poughkeepsie/Worcester currently happening.  We return on the 18th, and arrive back at Holy Cross on the 20th (which happens to be my birthday, in case you want to send me delivery, which would be pretty cool, but I’m mostly kidding.)

On a more academic note, I ordered my textbooks today, some from the bookstore and some from other textbook sellers/re-sellers for lesser prices (it’s always good to price compare.)  Pro tip: as an English major, I can tell you that my English classes require the least number of books and their total sums are lowest of all my classes.  Oddly enough.

I’ll try to remember to check in from Florida and maybe smirk a little about the fabulous weather (and the dolphins, definitely the dolphins).

Enjoy the snow! (Or the blankets and hot chocolate and fire, which might be preferable.)



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