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Mid-terms Galore

March 13th, 2014 lmbutt16

Sorry, sorry!  I know I’m bad at posting at regular intervals, I’ll set ten reminders on my phone for two weeks from now.

romeoIt’s our first week back from Winter break (which was pretty good.  I went to a Demi Lovato concert!)  Some people had all of their mid-terms before break, but mine were all saved (or pushed back) until after.  I had two today (Renaissance and Buddhism).  I was pretty anxious about them beforehand but I think they went fairly well, better than I had expected, so that was nice.  I have another tomorrow in Medieval readings, which will be similar format to the Renaissance one and which I’m not really worried about.  I’ve enjoyed the texts we’ve been reading for Medieval most of all my classes right now, and I tend to retain things better when I like them.  It is strange having tests in an English class (I think the last time I had an English test was sophomore year of high school), but it’s a requirement for the Readings courses, and the readings courses are required for the English major.

I just stopped by Career Counseling for the fist time, and it was really helpful and relaxed.  Honestly, I’d just assumed last year that my GPA wasn’t high enough for them to be able to help me much, or want to.  But I did a lot better last semester, and aside from that, the counselor I met with was extremely friendly and encouraging.  She looked over my resume and made a few edits that I’ll type up later, and showed me the Holy Cross search database for internships/jobs, as well as an inter-college one.  It’ll be really helpful, having that resource, over the next few weeks while I try to find something to occupy my summer!  I’m hoping to intern in publishing, but there’s a lot of possibilities that stem from an English major that I’m only just figuring out.

This weekend is Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend, and it is the Holy Cross weekend.  There are a lot of events planned, some fun green food, and tons of excitement.  Supposedly, we have a pretty sizable Irish population on campus (which I personally am rather oblivious to), so it’s sort of like the Holy Cross Holiday.  This is also the weekend of our home horse show, where our team hosts (along with Clark and Assumption, I believe).  This means we run everything, from which horses go to what the courses are to who rides when.  I’m riding for novice over fences, and novice on the flat.  I’ll also be helping out all day.  It’s a pretty busy, long day (or at least it was last year, though it was freezing then, too) and I’m hoping for good weather.  The pony pictured above is named Romeo.  He’s tiny tiny tiny!  I rode him at my lesson on Tuesday (Matt took some pictures and videos so I could critique myself and see what I need to fix in my position).  The smaller the horse, the faster they tend to feel, in general to me anyway, because they have such short strides they go twice as fast to cover the same distance.  It feels really fast, even though watching the video it doesn’t even look a little bit speedy.

Cheer season is over, though we’ll be having Friday practices, starting with try-outs next week (anyone who wants to try out should!)  I recently joined the Figure Skating Club (we have one of those), which means I can skate at certain times during the week with a few other people and maybe learn a few things and then practice what I learn.  I lot of the girls in the club were competitive skaters so they’re willing to teach us a few things, which is pretty cool.


Time to go study for midterm number 3, wish me luck!





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