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Is it ever going to stop snowing?

March 30th, 2014 lmbutt16

Hey everyone!

There has been a ridiculous amount of snow this year considering we didn’t even make it to first place on the list of snowiest places in the country this year (we did last year).  The weather is very temperamental.  It will be warm for a day or two, and then suddenly snow the next day.  It seems Spring is trying very hard to take a year off.

The horse show was a lot of fun.  I continue to be lucky in my horse draws (they randomly pick who will ride what horse) and had two great ponies, Eddie for my jumping class, and Kat for my sixth and fourth (green and white, very appropriately colored for St. Patrick’s day weekend).  We brought my favorite pony, Lacey, from Frank’s barn (Woodgate) so I got to help get her all ready, and then ready to go home, which was nice.  There were a lot of really good riders, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and liked all of the horses.

This past weekend (yesterday, Saturday, actually) was Holy Cross Cares Day.  On HC Cares Day, students sign up in groups to do some form of community service for a few hours.  The groups are often sports teams, and dorm floors/hallways.  I was on a team with all the cheerleaders.  We went to a local high school to help with their clothing pantry.  It’s called “Andy’s Attic” (  It was founded by a woman who lost her son, Andy, in a car crash.  In his honor, she started collecting clothing and then putting together bags and opening a clothing pantry for families in need.  It grew over time and eventually was moved to the high school.  They now have quite a lot of clothing, in all sizes and colors and styles.  They take orders from families who then come and pick up a large bag that includes pants, shirts, underwear, socks, jackets, etc.  We were helping to organize, unload new donations, and fold things (there was an especially huge amount of onesies for infants.)

With cheer, we’re out of season, which means no more games, but we still have a lot of practice.  We’ve been spending more time just exercising, doing things that will help with cheering and stunting come Fall.  It’s a lot of push ups and squats and practicing jumps.  But everyone’s been really enthusiastic about wanting to learn new things and keep improving for next season, which has made it a lot of fun.  We’ve gained a bunch of new girls, who (from volunteering with them yesterday and the few practice’s we’ve had so far) seem really nice, and happy to be part of the team.  Just doing little things to prepare for the fall, like fixing motions (positions where your arms go) and working in flexibility should really add up over the next few months.

Riding was a little bit more difficult for the last few weeks because I got my hand caught in a closing door and bruised a few fingers pretty badly.  I was riding with about one and a half hands for a few lessons, but the main-problem-finger is a lot better now.  Not perfect, but I can at least take it out of the splint I made and kept it in for the last two weeks.

School has felt really busy lately.  It’s probably because this is the longest stretch we go without a break.  It’s time to start picking classes for next semester already.  I don’t know if I’m going to be here or abroad, and I probably won’t know until late May, because it depends on my grades this semester, and I don’t know 100% if I want to spent a whole year away.

College results come out soon, right?  Or around this time?  Good luck to everyone waiting on admission, and congrats to everyone who’s already heard back from some schools!




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  1. Daftar Harga says:

    Good luck to everyone waiting on admission, and congrats to everyone who’s already heard back from some schools!

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