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April 17th, 2014 lmbutt16

Hey everyone, happy almost-Easter!  I’m home on break, finally.  We’re spoiled with breaks at Holy Cross, and the stretch from Spring break to Easter break is the longest period we stay at school during the year, so the work builds a bit, and it’s a relief to finally have a break.

It was warm, almost hot, for a few days.  Everyone was outside.  Some people were lying out on blankets and towels in the sun, a lot of other people were throwing around balls or frisbees.  Last weekend was also accepted students weekend (I hope some of you made it to campus for the weekend!) so there were quite a few incomers, especially recruits for sports.  For cheer, three of our girls hosted four girls who will be coming to Holy Cross in the fall, and are considering joining cheer (we’re hoping so at least!)  They were all really nice and we had a good time as a team getting to know them and introduce them to us.

A few weekends ago, I went to Boston with Matt, and our friends Jeff and Abe.  (Jeff is a TA/research assistant in the bio labs [but also a student, in case that’s confusing] and Abe is the organ scholar).  We went to Cafe Vittoria, and I got chocolate mousse cake, which was delicious.  The cafe was tiny and packed and really cute, and everything looked so good.  After that we went to the Commons and met up with one of Matt’s high school friends to play frisbee and walk around.  We walked along the river and found a tiny really awesome playground (it has a rope zipline).  Then we grabbed burritos at a small place and took the T out to Cambridge and went to an improv comedy show, at Improv Boston, which was really funny and entertaining.  I’d never been to an improv show before.

I’ve been sick for a little while, so hopefully this break will help that.  I caught up on Game of Thrones last night, so now I just have to finish the books (I’m in the middle of the red one) and watch Frozen.

Summer is on its way!


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