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Happy Holidays!

December 16th, 2013 lmbutt16

Hi everyone!  The semester is officially over, and it went out with quite a bit of snow.  I was lucky finals-wise, and only had one actual test (Sociology).  Other than that, I had a project for ballet (I did it on Tchaikovsky, and made a mini booklet of info on him.  There was a write-up to go with it.)  Then I had two essays for my English classes.  For British Lit I wrote about 1984 (George Orwell) and relationships in the book, or rather the fact that there are none (that was my claim anyway).  For Creative Writing, we just had to edit one of our drafts from the two papers/stories we worked on over the semester period.  I actually combined the two I wrote over the semester (which I’m not sure how well it worked out, because one was fiction and one was creative non-fiction.  I’m not sure where that leaves it).


I’ve been especially enjoying equestrian team lately.  We had a holiday gathering with just a few of us and played a card game.  My trainer has been letting me ride Lacey, for the most part, although two weeks ago he had me ride Daisey.  She’s a horse (a “small” one, which is still kind of big when you only ride ponies all the time) and very pretty.  She’s a little newer at jumping, though, so sometimes she gets excited and likes to go fast, which is the opposite of what I typically prefer.  But she was really comfortable and I managed not to fall off or anything.


We’re now on holiday break.  Our break is really, really long.  I got home on Friday (the 13th), and won’t have to be back until January 20th (which happens to be my birthday, just to let you all know).  Some of my friends at different colleges are jealous (and confused.  We get a lot of breaks at Holy Cross.)

Have a good holiday, see you all next semester!



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