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Turkey Time

November 19th, 2014 lmbutt16

Hey everyone, I hope all has been well!  neil

It’s been one long stream of being busy here lately.  I finally got all of those papers out of the way, only to find more approaching (but what else could I expect?) along with some tests and other sorts of assignments.  Seniors, juniors, and sophomores have now selected next semester’s classes, and freshmen are scheduled to join us Thursday morning.  I got three out of the four classes I tried to enroll in at exactly 7am last Thursday (it’s always exactly 7am, except incoming freshmen fall semester enrollment, which I think was somewhere around 5:30pm).  So, as of now, I will be taking 19th Century British Novel, Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages, and Animal Behavior (a biology course for non-bio people).  cheer tdFor my fourth course, I tried to enroll in Microeconomics, but I was unable to get in (sometimes seats in a class are reserved, either for majors, or for a specific grade) so I ended up enrolling in a drawing course.

We recently had a special guest come to campus to lecture, the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  He talked about science, the progress we’re making (or not making), the things we could be doing that would help, how we should view science and research, etc.  It was really interesting, and understandable (coming from a non-science-major perspective).  He was also really amusing and relaxed, so it was a good time, despite it being over two hours.

Our men’s basketball team beat Harvard at the TD Garden on Sunday, in a really exciting game.  We were ahead 58-57 with one minute and Harvard had the ball, so it was down to if they made their shot or not, and they didn’t.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about a basketball game before (or that tense during one, because it was close the whole time!)scooter

In horseback riding, I’ve been riding this one horse named Forest a lot.  He’s very cute, bay and kind of small, and a little bit sassy.  He’s privately owned, so he hasn’t been as easy to figure out as a regular school horse, but I think I’m starting to, and he’s very honest and well-intentioned.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of him yet (it’s been too cold to linger for selfies with the horses) so here are some photos I took a few weeks laceyago, of Lacey (left, who I haven’t gotten to ride yet this year but still like to visit regularly and is doing well) and Scooter (right), who I did ride recently.  Scooter has cancer in one eye, which they’re treating, but despite that, he’s very sweet and listens really well.  He’s also really comfortable, which is always nice.  And little.  He’s a tiny little guy (though not as tiny as Romeo).


I’m looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving, to see my cats (and family) and catch up on some reading, and start thinking about life next semester, and then life as a senior!

Enjoy the holiday!





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