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Warmer, then Colder, then Warmer

March 23rd, 2015 lmbutt16

Hey everyone,

It was very briefly 50 degrees here, and it was sort of like a miracle.  But of course, it started to snow again a few days later. We’re now in a very windy in between temperature.  It could be better, but it could also be much worse.


The time has come to start choosing classes for next semester, during which I will be a senior. How crazy is that? If you think time flies by quickly in high school, just wait for college.  This is the time when you realize you’ve been playing that one sport for 15 years, or had that one friend for 10.  Of the four class slots I have for next semester, there is only one I am absolutely certain I want to and must take, and that’s Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop: Non-Fiction.

Aside from that, I feel like I’m in a weird in-between where I’ve take a lot of the non-major classes I was interested in (for example, Fundamentals of Drawing) and so I’m left to fill my non-English spaces with either more intro classes in things I’m not as interested in, or upper level courses in subjects I was avoiding for fear of doing poorly in the subject, usually from past experience.   For example, I really enjoy French, and I love languages. But because I didn’t excel in the 202 and 301 levels, I feel like I’d be starting an upper level 300 class already behind, where I would have had to work hard enough just to keep up. Similarly, I took the intro courses for psychology, philosophy, and sociology.  But there are some sub topics that don’t particularly interest me, and others that sound fascinating, but out of my range of likely-successes. Which sounds silly, because really if you worked hard enough you could probably do well in any class you wanted to. But over the past years in college courses I’ve figured out what classes I do best in, and those are usually ones with topics I am very much personally interested in, often topics I also have some history of study in.  For example,  I took IB Art in high school and so I really like my art course now, because I already have experience so it doesn’t feel like taking off from point 0.  On the other hand, maybe the reason I took art in high school was because I already liked it and always have.  Hmm…

Either way, I have a long list of potential classes in my virtual “backpack” including Russian 101, Painting 1, two different Shakespeare courses, a World War 2 course, and a law class.  One cool thing about upper level classes is that a lot of them (seminars mostly) are only once a week.  So you have a solid few hours to really focus on one subject, and then you have the rest of the week to focus on others and spread out work. Painting is only on Mondays, and class goes from 1:00-4:50.  That’s a long time, but in Art courses it often feels necessary. It’s hard to start an art project in just 50 minutes, you really need more time than that to get into it.

Our equestrian team held our annual horse show, with Clark and Assumption, and it was a really good day despite the rain.  I got really lucky and drew Lacey (still my favorite pony) for my over fences class, so I got to jump her.  I didn’t do quit as well as I was hoping, but I felt comfortable and safe on her so I enjoyed it more than I might have otherwise, and that’s definitely worth it.

A few of the girls on the cheer team, and a number of the boys on the football team, are part of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  College students are paired with a “little”, who they visit once a week and get to know over the course of the four years.  This Sunday, we’ll be taking part in a talent show with them! We put together a cute routine and will practice again before Sunday to make sure it’s just right. The littles are so excited and enthusiastic, it’s very sweet to see.  Oh to be young again!


I took some cute photos of Lacey on Saint Patrick’s Day at lessons the other day, so I will try to post those soon!




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