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Is it Summer yet?

February 7th, 2014 lmbutt16

li with dolphin

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while!

Florida was great!  It wasn’t quite as warm as I was hoping, but still warmer than I’ll get here for at least another month, probably two or three.  I went to Discovery Cove (dolphin on the left is Latoya!) on my first day.  Then we went to Universal and I finally saw the Harry Potter exhibit, as well as the Marvel section, and the Dr. Seuss section (those three were my favorites, anyway).  On day three I went to Magic Kingdom with Matt (my mom happily went off to a garden).  I got to see a lot of the Disney Princesses, as

li at disney 2

well as Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Minnie and Mickey (Minnie liked my ears), and the White Rabbit!  (Alice

in Wonderland is my favorite book).  Finally on day five we went on an air-boat tour, and saw a few alligators, goats, zebras, and birds.  The air boat was kind of fascinating, because there’s nothing on the bottom to steer or power the boat, allowing it to

go over reeds (and birds, without hurting them, don’t worry!).  It felt a little like floating, because it was never bumpy.

li at disneyNow that school is back in swing, it’s time to settle down.  Classes this semester are definitely more difficult than last, but not exactly as difficult as I expected.  French has been going surprisingly well-I can understand 98% of the things my teacher says, or what she’s trying to communicate.  It’s trying to form cohesive answers that I’m slower to act on.  My readings classes, as well as Buddhism, all assign a lot of reading.  The Buddhism readings might be the most so far, actually.  They’ve been interesting for the most part, but a little confusing.  Readings courses offer a lot of room for independent thought, so you really have to read thoroughly and carefully.


It’s hard to believe that Spring break is at the end of the month.  It doesn’t feel anywhere close to Spring yet, considering how much snow is piled up outside.  I’m not sure if I’m going to try to do anything exciting or just sleep the whole week, but I guess I’ll figure that out as the month plays out.


Study abroad results have been beginning to come out.  I applied to study in Ireland (University of Cork) as my first choice, and Australia (University of Melbourne) as my second.  I think I’d like to go to Ireland (it’s my favorite country);  I’m not as sure about Australia, but I’ll only have to consider that if I get in, of course.


I hope your month’s been well!




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