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September 10th, 2014 lmbutt16

Hi everyone!  Welcome back!


Classes have begun.  It’s definitely very weird to have class only three days a week, and four days off.  I like it but at the same time, it makes the weekends seem to rush, and the days with class sort of hit like a wall.  It’s easy to put off work when you tell yourself you have four days to do it.  Then suddenly the four days are up.


So far I like all of my teachers.  My two new English professors are both really enthusiastic.  Professor Reynolds (Contemporary Irish Literature) is encouraging and lively, and I’m already really enjoying the materials we’ve begun, so I have a good feeling about the rest of the semester for the class.  We started off with poems by Seamus Heaney.  I’ve been a little obsessed with Ireland since seventh grade when I went for a week during the summer on an equestrian vacation, so the topics and history behind the writing are really exciting to me.  Professor Ireland (Growing Up American) is very funny and the time passes quickly in his class.  We’re reading Little Women (Louisa May Alcott).  The plot seems like it should be a boring subject (four girls growing up and becoming wives, learning their places and interests, etc) yet somehow it’s easy to keep reading for me.  It might help that I read it in sixth grade.  Although, all I remember was reading it upside down because I wanted to seem cool (I don’t think it worked).

cheer junior 1

We won our first home football game of the season!  The score was 26-23, Morgan State-Holy Cross, with about ten seconds left, and five yards.  Then there were two seconds, and one yard.  Everyone was holding his/her breath, standing wide eyed with all the anticipation in the world.  And miraculously, we made it.  We haven’t won a home game since my freshmen year (and that year, we only won one) so this was beyond just winning a game for us.  People cried and no one stopped screaming and it was amazing.  Now we just have to wait and pray for the same performance this weekend, against Central Connecticut.  I think that finally having a victory under our belt might encourage everyone, get more fans cheering, and raise the attitude of everyone involved.  How discouraging must it be to go loss after loss?  This is like the rain after a drought, a hopeful turning point, that maybe will be just what we need.



maffew mellons SIP held its annual symposium for the summer research projects.  I had a few friends that took jersey mellonspart, living on campus for nine weeks, working on per-determined projects of their own design.  Jersey (my freshmen roommate, on the right) worked with a lab group studying lung regeneration.  Matt (on left) was working on the Community Garden project that I posted about recently.  I have a friend, Abe (the Organ Scholar of our class) who got to go to Italy for his project.  Imagine being paid to tour and study in Italy.  There were rows and rows of posters and presenters, and tables with maps and booklets to direct you.  Everyone worked really hard and presented themselves nicely.


Equestrian Club/Team had our first meeting tonight.  There were quite a few people to show up, expressing interest in joining or finding out more, which was exciting to see.  I’m ready to get back in the saddle (and bracing myself because it’s going to be a rough start) and see Lacey and all the other horses and ponies again.


I can’t believe I’m halfway there.

Have a good few weeks!




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